Purebred Male Shih Tzu. 2 Years old. Named: Brandie. Has fathered 1 litter of puppies that came out healthy. I do not require a breeding contract or anything like that (however i will not sell for the sole purpose of breeding him, i have been to many puppy mills and know the traits of the dogs)Well trained. Will walk without a leash (may need a refresher training course on that as he knows how but will only do it for me at the moment). Trained on pee pads for when you are not home (easy to break this as i have stopped it just recently and he has held it till i got home, if u do not want him using pee pads just dont put any down when u get him) as well as outside trained when you are home. I am not home too often anymore and it is not fair on him. he deserves all the affection and love he can get, which at this point in my life i do not have the time nor the patience to give him enough. i have a 3 year old son that i would much rather give all my attention to. he gets along well with all other animals (cats, birds, ferrets, other dogs big and small, mice, snakes) (iguanas not so much as their tails hurt) these are the animals that i have introduced him to without any problems. he just wants to play with them. very active as he is still a puppy at heart. he will however cower to aggresive dogs. the only things i require from the buyer is that the love and care for him as much as i wish i could and for him to have a fenched in backyard that he can play in. he loves all weather so just let him out and he will let you know when he is ready to come back in. i am only asking $75 plus the cost of delivery. i do require to see the space he will be kept. the money has no bearing over the happiness of my dog. so delivery will be the only option. Please Text me anytime or call me after 6pm Weekdays or anytime on Saturday or Sunday
Prefer no Emails as i do not check very often